Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.24.00 PMCheryl Davidson is the proprietor of Elle Ryan Design. You could say that she has been doing design forever beginning with her garage based business at thirteen selling her wares: decoupage, knitting, quilting and sewing. She was constantly rearranging her room and that of her friends, much to the adults dismay!

In her early adult years, Cheryl graduated from college and picked up a few masters degrees while climbing the corporate ladder. All the while, she was doing design on the side for her friends and their friends thinking she would love to pursue design completely but still lured by the corporate world and politics. Finally retiring from tall buildings, she began to build Elle Ryan Design while working on small décor projects to large scale remodels.

Cheryl combines her project experience with the knowledge acquired from her Masters in Interior Architecture program at UCLA. She tends to the homes, offices and gardens of people primarily in Southern California but consults all over the country. Using the internet, she collaborates effectively with clients and implements plans for new rooms, offices and gardens.

For her, every project is a chance to make someone’s home and work environment that much more amazing!

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